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Gift Certificates


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You can purchase gift certificates for any occasion in various denominations for a specific type of massage or customize the denomination to give what you like and include a tip.  You can buy yours today on the gift certificate page.  Gift certificates cannot be shared.  They can only be used by the recipient for which it was intended.  If you are trying to buy for two people or more you would need to buy them each their own gift certificate. 

It is always a good idea to include a tip with the gift certificate as well so that the recipient knows you covered that base as well and that they do not have to tip with their own money.  You can either include this in a customized denomination gift certificate and let them know you gifted so many dollars towards a massage and the rest for a tip, or give it to them in cash with a printout of their gift certificate.  Their is no other way to tip separately on a gift certificate at this time other then the above ways mentioned unless you are coming in beforehand to tip at which point I would prefer you to make an appointment with me so that I know what you are trying to plan.  This is due again to my by appointment only status and I may be in session or not at the space if I do not have an appointment there.

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