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About the Practitioner

Angela is an Illinois State Certified and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist.  She graduated from Cortiva Institute Massage Therapy School in 2011.  In April 2015 she also became a certified Reiki Master.

She is always continuing her education as a Massage Therapist and learning new techniques and modalities.  She looks forward to providing many new modalities for you in the near future.  Please visit the site often and look for new additions soon.

Music is a big part of her life too, and that is why she feels music is very important in the massage experience she provides. If you would like to bring your own music to be played, know that she welcomes you to do so.  While she loves music of all genres please make sure you bring massage specific music only, and that the device you bring is bluetooth capable.

Her practice philosophy is that you need to listen to your body, and get that massage when you know you need it.  Don't wait until the last minute.  Your body always knows what it needs.  Often we wait until we are so stressed out to get a massage, but massage is a great tool to help you deal with stress.  She calls massage body armor against stress.

Angela truly loves her career as a massage therapist and believes in the benefits of massage.  Helping others feel better through massage is the most gratifying career for her.  She could be an Electrical Engineer or Banker or Manager of some company store since she has the education and experience, but chasing a corporate ladder and money is not what made her happy.  Seeing you smile makes her happy.  Knowing that she has a hand in de-stressing your life is what gives her the greatest joy.

In her spare time she researches articles and books about massage, and takes continuing education classes for massage to keep current in her career.  And yes, she too gets massages in order to research other techniques and styles as well as take care of her own body as is her tool needed for this career.  Angela also loves networking with people.  If she can refer you to someone to help you further guide you down your journey of health and wellness please ask her or just look on the Other Services Recommended page of this site.

Thank you.