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What's New at Eveything Zen Massage??& More FAQs


Just wanted to keep you in the loop to things happening at Everything Zen Massage so you know what to look forward to, and to answer some questions I have been receiving lately.

As of 11/11/17 I realize this page is getting to be a bit too archaic perhaps, and I feel to keep clients better updates I will send a monthly newsletter to your email instead.  Hopefully this will be a welcome change in your inbox to read as this was brought to my attention by multiple clients.  Thank you as always for the feedback.  Keep it coming as you just make Everything Zen Massage better and better.

Recently,  I have had some great outside businesses locally that would like to be presented to you, and soon I will have their business cards up in my office.  So feel free to take their business cards for their services, and mention to them that Everything Zen Massage referred you.  Thank you!

  • No longer accepting Spafinder gift cards, but you may purchase gift certificates online.
  • I have decided that due to our winter weather that I will now have Winter hours which will always be in effect from December 1- June 1.  

Winter hours will be: Sun 11 am- 2pm; Tues, Thur 11 am - 5pm; Sat 1pm - 5pm.

June 1 - December 1 hours will be: Sun 11-2pm; Tue, Thur 11 am - 7pm; Sat 1pm-6pm

  • HOT RIVER STONE MASSAGE is now available!!!!  
  •  New Add-ons available: Foot Scrub, Biofreeze Enhancement, Towel Service, and Aromatherapy or an Aromatic Diffuser option for those that are scent sensitive.
  • Gift Certificates now available for purchase online only!!
  •  I have now streamlined your scheduling experience by incorporating all forms that need to be done before your massages so as to comply with HIPPA standards and requirements. If for some reason the link is not working you can print out and fill in the standard forms, but they need to be filled out before you come.  If it is not done before you come and you do not arrive early this may cut into your massage time.  I am doing this in hopes to enrich your experience even more so all you have to is come and get your massage and not have any paperwork to fill out or anything to think about.  I really want you to come in and be able to zone out for an hour or two and renew your mind and body. *** Please give me feedback on how you like the new booking system and the intake and consent forms too. Thanks!
  • How is Everything Zen Massage different from the franchised chains out there?
  • Answer:  I am not looking to compete with any of the chains or any other therapist out there.  I am not in this business to slam others around me or any of that.  I think there is an appropriate massage therapist and business model for everyone.  That being said I think it really depends on you as the client.  What your preferences are and what you hold as important factors for you to have in your massage experience.  For my clients, I want the best of everything.  Any client of mine knows I first and foremost listen to them.  This is exactly how nap time came to fruition.  
  • Everything Zen Massage is inclined to cater to you.  I feel you the client are my boss as you can hire or fire me.  You have a set of your own standards.  Of course all within reason of upholding the highest of professional standards.  For example, if you need help getting undressed or dressed it would be wise to bring your own assistance as I cannot provide that kind of assistance for you.  I must always protect and uphold professional boundaries to your privacy and feeling secure as well as my own.  
  • The Everything Zen Massage client experiences luxuriously soft table sheets, customizable music for their massage,  they can schedule a nap after a massage, and have an aromatherapy alternative option like a diffuser for sensitive skin.  Also, there are no contracts binding you financially for something you are not receiving.  Some clients find motivation in having a monthly memberships to make them go and get that massage or to keep the cost down, but for that client I offer packages.  If you are interested in transforming your stress all year round I have designed packages which you can buy and use them when your life allows.  I understand how you the client have family, work, and very busy lives.  This is a process.  But remember, "Transformation begins with a choice, " this is what I always think and have made my mantra for my company.
  • We can now process HSA & FSA cards which accept Merchant Classification Code (MCC) 8099.  Check with your card provider to see if this is the case for your plan.  If your card is not covered under this code your card provider can help you with your options moving forward, as coverage is dependent upon the specific HSA/FSA plan.

Thank you! (Last Updated 11-11-2017)